Tommy’s Life

Part 1

The Drunken Night That Changed Tommy’s Life

Tommy stared at the bloody handkerchief in his hand. He thought back to the night before. He remembered the trip to the pub with his friends, he didn’t think he had drunk that much. Shit, then it hit him the guy who had shoved him in the club for spilling his pint. His hands trembled and he threw the bloody handkerchief away like it had caught fire. A quick search of the clothes he had worn, revealed more blood. Tommy threw them all in the corner and tried to block them from his mind….. more

Part 2

Tommy Does It Again and Again

Tommy stared at the screen. Five percent battery left, how was that possible? He needed to log onto Facebook and find the next set of instructions for the mission. The tube rattled along the tracks making the familiar noises. Tommy turned his body away from the rather overweight man sat beside him. He needed privacy to log in. As much privacy as you could get on a busy tube carriage….more

Part 3

Tommy’s Dog

Tommy sniffed the sweet sea air. He loved how fresh everything smelt on the beach. He licked his lips and tasted the salt. The small dog he had recently rescued from the shelter, ran by his side. Everyone stopped to talk to the guy with the cute dog….more

Sam H Arnold
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