True Story.

It probably sounds weird, but I still have the business card from my first real job.

By “real job” I mean the first employer that saw fit to provide me with business cards.

The fact is, I still have nearly every business card anyone ever gave to me.

I still have the one my wife gave me just before the first time I asked her out.

I even have a dozen or so cards from people that have since passed away.

I’ll always hang onto them — out of respect.

In my daily work routine, I’ve always had a ritual with business cards. I sort through the card notebooks

I keep them in under the pretense of disposing of ones that are no longer of use.

Invariably, I come across one with a notation that forces me to keep it much longer than I probably should.

I was going through my process not long ago when noticed a card my first brokerage job back in the ‘80s. It looked so strange, and it took me a few seconds to figure out what was missing.

Once I did, I’m amazed that it could have ever had any use. My name, the company’s name and address, along with a phone and fax number, were the only things on the card.

No mobile phone number, email or website address, let alone a social media handles.

By today’s standards, this job would be considered off the grid.

Marlon Weems·
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