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Erotic Writing Prompts

Well darlings. If I’m not on my back fucking, I’m writing. Been doing both a long, long, long time. Both so addicting. So pleasurable. And fun!

Over the years I’ve picked up some tricks and things about writing. And there are so many juicy tidbits of news out there that trigger ideas, because they as you well know, truth is stranger than fiction! We can take the nugget of the story or what inspires us and let our imagination run wild with it.

At the same time we can explore our own sexual truths and discover our personal secrets for greater sexual and personal fulfillment. It will save the world! Let your orgasms rip through the universe and may love, caring, good sex and sensual pleasure restore our hearts, bodies and minds to a new Golden Age we deserve.

So join the Renaissance! Do your part and pick up your pen and paper.

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I like writing long-hand first. So sensual and slow. My body gets in the act and sexy thoughts just pop up into my mind as I relax and write. Then I rework it on the computer.

I’ve been posting erotic writing prompts for a while on my Twitter feed. Thought I’d start collecting them here now for you darlings. As I write am and pm, usually pm, and usually from the other side of the world as I travel a lot, lots of good ideas to get your Goddess given sexual imagination flowing with lots of creativity.

Sex is creation! Let’s do it!

So Let’s Get Started, Darlings!

So for this morning’s Veronica Erotica Erotic Writing Prompt, listen to the sultry voice and sexy words of Torch Singer Eartha Kitt. I Want To Be Evil.


“Prim and proper the girl whose never been kissed well I’m tired of being pure and not chased! Like something that seeks its level, I want to go to the Devil! I want to be evil!”

What inspires you? Write a story or poem about a goodie-two shoes who finally gives in to her sexual passions and explores herself. How does she do it? What instigated it? Who is there? Who is not there? Put the smells, sights, sounds and most definitely the TOUCH in there. I want hands, baby. Cunts, fingers, mouths…. be sure to add the body! I want to FEEL that I’m there with her getting fucked well for the first time! OH!!!! The release and satisfaction!

“Whatever Ive got I’m eager to lose……” — Eartha Kitt — I Want to Be Evil

Show your shadow, darling. Let’s explore all those golden nuggets hiding in the darkness and find your Cinderella. Write On and Do Tell! Don’t forget to leave a comment about how it goes!

Love, Veronica

Erotic Writing Prompt Flirting in a Sensual World

Flirt with Me

I like to write longhand when doing my free writing. The sensual pleasure of my fingers’ flesh in touch with the thin wood I can wrap my fingers around, grip, just like my vagina does when a hard cock enters it. The sound of the the lead pressing into the paper. The paper receiving the pencil’s grey spray of creation. Words, passion, poetry, stories, our testimonies of experiences as embodied gods and goddesses in this earthly realm — So satisfying! Why we write!

Erotica Writing is pleasurable because it takes us into a trance state. It suspends time and space, giving us a little glimpse of eternity.

Storytelling and myth are the original religious devices and virtual reality, as shamans of the past told stories around the campfire and pitched us out of this world and into another. We came back from the journey renewed.

And what lasts are the images. We paint this world with images. Our story’s listeners and readers form those images in their minds. The sensuous details paint it. Conjure up the world before our imagination’s very eyes.

It’s a lot like dressing up a mannequin. The mannequin is the form. Fine by itself. The bare bones of the story. But then when we drape a silk scarf across the bare mannequin’s breasts or spray some fine perfume to add the the salty scent of her pussy juice or planting a diamond tiara on her thick tresses…. well…. the world comes alive and so does the reader’s imagination.

It’s all in the sensuous details.

In Veronica Erotica past erotic writing prompts we have also been exploring letting lose and the art of seduction. We wanted to satisfy our desires. And we did!

Now in addition to sensual details, I want you to think about flirting. Just being beautiful and having fun. Be titillating. Such a delicious word! Titillating.




arousing mild sexual excitement or interest; salacious.

“she let slip titillating details about her clients”

Check out more definitions of the word titillating here and some examples from other famous writers! We do love words!

Flirting is about having fun. Being beautiful and embodied and alive. About appreciating being a sexual being and letting others know it about themselves too!

About Flirting From Psychology Today:

But the game, or objective, is mostly titillation. It’s amorousness for its own sake — without, that is, serious intent. However superficial, playful, or uncommitted, it’s an expression of sexual interest in, and possible affection for, the other party. Which is why the person on the receiving end is likely to feel flattered — especially if the flirt herself is particularly attractive. After all, virtually all (straight) men wish to see themselves as interesting and appealing to the opposite sex. So any evidence that an attractive woman is attracted to them can be as reassuring as it is gratifying. And while the flirt may have little to no intention (at least consciously) of satisfying the desire she’s impishly evoking, yet her enticing, come-hither behavior may carry its own rewards for the pleased (and grateful!) male recipient.

— — — — and more

There’s more or less an implicit understanding between the two parties that what might happen — what could happen — in all probability isn’t going to happen. But, nonetheless, isn’t it erotic fun to at least imagine its happening? In fact, one or both parties might be constrained by another romantic relationship, or (just as likely) a conjugal one. Still, both parties are interested, so that even if they can’t fool around for real, they can at least “play” at fooling around. And this, of course, allows for a certain level of physical arousal and ego gratification that can be mutually entertaining and enjoyable — while involving minimal risk to another relationship, which may finally be more important or meaningful.

Veronica Erotica Erotic Writing Prompt is to write about a flirting. An incident or its details. In addition to the who, what, why, where, when, give me the sensuous details about the flirting. Taste, touch, sight, sound, hearing. How do you flirt? How does your character flirt? What do you do? Why? What do you want? Your character? What do you hope to get back? Or are you still too shy? Why? Or over aggressive? Sometimes those young male cubs can get a little nervous with a sexy cougar woman…..

What part of your body do you use? The eyes? Tell me about those eyes. Beyond their color and shape. Do they stare and capture like tractor-beams? Or are they lowered shyly to command an invitation to deviousness?

What do they incite? Moisture between the breasts? A quickening of the heart and breath? I want to hear that breath, see the sweat forming on his brow and palms, the bulge in his pants.

I want to read and see bodies in motion, hands, eyes, lips, toes, knees. cunt, cock, ears, tongue, ass. I want to smell the cum still on her belly. Show me, darlings. Take my hand and show me everything.

Tell me about flirty techniques. Does the handyman stumble upon a nude picture of you while looking at your cell phone with you? Do you show him your neck? Is is the way your character moves her body when she changes positions on the chair, uncrossing her legs so slowly then wiggling her ass on the chair before crossing her legs again? How do these movements explain character? Motivation? Are they going to get what they want or not?

Flirty You! Don’t forget to write about your personal experiences flirting.Or your lack of it. Mine the past. That goodie-two shoes who is sexually liberating herself and enjoying it! We want to read about her!!!!

Write for thirty minutes. Go with your first impression. Don’t censor yourself. Go there. And if you do censor yourself… know that you DEFINITELY need to go there. The dark side. Your lost half and creative marsh. Your Cinderella gold is waiting there in the darkness for you to shine light on it and seize it. Write On and Do Tell!

Love, Veronica

Veronica Erotica

Erotic Writing Prompt:

The Art of Seduction Begins Here

Veronica Love has discovered her beautiful body through erotica writing and wants to share the fun with you.

Well, in the last Veronica Erotica Erotic Writing Prompt, we explored writing about someone who was a sexually repressed goodie-two shoes by listening to the sexy voice and lyrics of Eartha Kitt.

Now I want you to write about that same, newly liberated man or woman who was usually too shy to seduce anyone. (That’s the story of MOI, darlings….read about how I finally let loose!)

Let’s say for instance, a young woman on her 18th birthday is introduced to the art of seduction by her sexy Aunt.

How does she do it? What does she teach? I found that the sexual arts really gave me a lot of body confidence!

Read here in Cosmopolitan magazine about How Women Initiate Sex to give you some more arousing ideas of how to be the sex goddess you are and seduce with your womanly charms and power! Here are a few of its examples:

2. “Kissing, fondling, groping, usually followed by, ‘Wanna get naked with me?’”

3. “It’s usually when we are in bed about to sleep. I’ll just start by rubbing his chest and stomach, and then maybe lean over and kiss his neck. I just pay attention to his reactions and then start sliding my hand down lower and lower…”

4. “Kisses, playfulness, and sometimes just, ‘Hey you want a quickie?’”

9. “I say, ‘Hey, take off your pants’.”

11. “I just jump on him and drag him to bed. He responds well to that. Or we escalate from cuddling, to making out, to bed.”

Now you are ready also to make your own list!!!! Make up your own sexy lure to luxurious pleasure!

What inner stories are going on along with the characters’ outer stories? What do they really want? What do they not want? Write it, sing it, dance it, make it a poem, short story, haiku, or erotic film.

However you wish to express yourselves, darling. Whatever sparks your fancy. Go ahead and have a dialogue with your characters. Listen to them. Ask them questions. What do they want? The first thing that comes to your mind, write it down. Don’t judge. Just let your pen rip. Follow your intuition…. it leads to the guts and truth of the sexy story you want to tell… and we all want to read.

Write On! and Do Tell!

Love, Veronica

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