VRENAR Concerns

Defining the VRENAR System Concerns

The VRENAR System Concerns are the concerns of all of the VRENAR System Stakeholders.

The VRENAR System Design Requirements are derived from the Stakeholder Concerns, so in effect, the Stakeholder Concerns given here are the top level System Requirements Specification.

IEC 42010 Standard on Architecture Description

By designing the VRENAR System Architecture to meet the IEC 42010 Standard, we provide some assurance of the integrity of the VRENAR System, and that the concerns of all Stakeholders have been addressed.

The system model will show all of the System Requirements traced to all of the Stakeholder concerns, and all model elements traced to the System Requirements. This will prove that the system design is traced to all of the Stakeholder Requirements.

From the IEC 42010 standard:

“When identifying stakeholders, the following are to be considered and included when applicable: users of the system; operators of the system; acquirers of the system; owners of the system; suppliers of the system; developers of the system; builders of the system; maintainers of the system”

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