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The Scoop

A few hours ago the Oklahoma City Thunder finished shopping for their new look for the upcoming season. With the dust settling, and Sam Presti book offers to start writing Art of The Deal 2, it’s truly an exciting time to be an OKC Thunders fan. However, we can’t allow ourselves to get to fangirl yet, no just yet. Here is the reality that lies beyond this bleak horizon. OKC has now collected two superstars who are used to being their own solo show for their own team. Carmelo Anthony has only played significant games with the Olympic team, and Paul George still shits his pants in clutch situations. Most of us don’t know if Russell Westbrook playing style on the court is superstar booner repellent or a key ingredient for an NBA title.

In a world where dreams come true, true love is real, and hamburgers are healthier than kale.

The Art of the Deal: Writer, Actor, Director — Sam Presti

Go ahead and make your jokes that Sam has a sign over the Chesapeake Energy Arena saying, “Welcome home outcast superstars,” but Sam was able to deal for PG — 13 and Carmelo Anthony in the same offseason, while creating a team that will have fans frantically trying to buy tickets on the secondary market.

Let me explain what Sam has done this offseason in the simplest of terms. Sam found two NBA general managers desperately trying to the start the demolition of their teams and start tanking for the upcoming season. He found two guys who run NBA teams, who weren’t very strong at cutting deals, and there like of ability lead to Presti heisting both teams. Eat or be eaten mentality. Sam Presti got two NBA superstars for a great price. This offseason has shown that Presti is now the golden standard of NBA deal making.

Not to mention he is now a rare famous GM in the NBA, even to basketball normies.

In his advanced age, Melo is leaving New York City behind him. On his way down south, he notices the air is cleaner, the noise pollution, light pollution, traffic jams, Phil Jackson, snow and ice, and horrible driving is all but just a nightmare that has ended. He see’s farm life and cows, thinking that he’ll retire there and one day have a farm of his own. Having fresh milk, eggs, and bacon every day. Trading in his Joseph A. Bank hat for a much less ugly simple straw hat. He’ll drop at least 20 every night, be content being a second or third option on offense, and come home to the smell of fresh cut grass. Lastly, every night before he goes to be he puts up a sign on his front door, “Keep calm and mow your lawn.”

Simple. Bless. Afternoon naps.

PG — 13 doesn’t contact Magic Johnson all season. Paul doesn’t think if his life in LA, and the perfect weather while trying to serve tornado season in Oklahoma. Paul does, however, love the great deal that he received on the one-year lease he got for his bachelor pad in OKC. After every home game, Westbrook takes PG — 13 and Carmelo to the best dark parks in Oklahoma. They count starts and rename galaxies after their secret handshakes.

Simple. Bliss. Starry nights.

Sam Presti receives two things.

  1. NBA Executive of the Year.

With Russell Westbrook’s passing, PG — 13 & Anthony ability to play off the ball and shoot from anywhere there is definitely some gunpowder in this offense. Kyle Singler is one of the top seven off the bench players in the league.

OKC fans will proclaim that Sam Presti dick is much wider than Danny Ainge’s.

2. The Knicks Job

Sam outgrows OKC. Plays Welcome to New York on his Zoom the whole plane ride there. Even if the team doesn’t get past the Warriors this is no doubt the best team Sam will have in OKC for a long time to come. It’s all or nothing this season. If they don’t win this year Sam will leave the green grass, clean air, fresh eggs, and bacon, for the pollution and noise that can only be NYC. Leaving Carmelo to finish his career in a Thunder uniform while Westbrook and PG -13 take their friendship to LA.

You thinking: Wait… Even in a perfect ideal simulation Carmelo still gets fucked in the end?

Westbrook and PG — 13 are leaving regardless of how this experiment goes. Carmelo just got traded from Knicks team in 2017 with low talent, and ‘melo will crosspath with that same level of mediocrity in 2019–2020 season with (drumroll)³… Oklahoma City Thunder.

In a world where Stan Van Gundy is a GM and Head Coach, Mark Jackson isn’t a Head Coach, and mighty IT gets traded from the Celtics.

The Dark Side of NBA trades:

The old saying to never put all your eggs in one basket was ignored by Sam Presti. This team has a faster expiration date then Mcdonald’s fries. They only have Paul George for this one season until he leaves for LA. The Thunder will not get anything for him. Melo will be 34 years old in May and will be the final year of his deal in the 2018–2019 season. Also, after this upcoming year, Westbrook Will be in his final year of his contract, before he too leaves for the Lakers.

Sam Presti — The gambler, reckless GM of the Thunder. Author of The Art of Hiding Your Gambling Problem From Your Family, with contributions from Pete Rose and Charles Barkley.

Headlines after the all-star break will read, “ Category 5 tornado in OKC locker room.” or “PG-13 will be leaving OKC faster than lighting.” Just a bad enough headline to bring some small joy to ease the mob for lighting their torches and sharpening their pitchforks. Fans and reporters will be asking why did Presti ever think it would be a good idea to ever put together three superstars who have played iso basketball for most of their careers. Ol’ gambling man at it again. Took a gamble on Victor Oladipo on a four-year 84 million dollar contract and lost. Didn’t get enough back on the James Harden trade, put way too much faith in the development of Jeremy Lamb, ( remember that guy?) Presti actually believed that Lamb could actually take over Harden’s position on the team, and some still question if the Brooks firing was the right call.

Sam Presti receives two things.

  1. On NBA executive hot seat from here on out till he:
  2. A. Is fired.

B. Leaves to another team.

C. Writes that gambling novel, uses money to leave comfortably and becomes a online sports blogger.

Every NBA executive has to take chances in order to make strong rosters. It’s probably one of the most difficult jobs to be great in and is also a job that doesn’t get enough respect because anyone that plays NBA2k believes their primed and ready for a GM position.

These type of front positions are very difficult and even one wrong move can end a career. If an NBA front office finds themselves on the wrong side of a few trade deals the media pressure, fan pressure, and an angry owner will run the GM out of town.

2. This

Forecast of 2017–2018 season

The Thunder will win somewhere between 50 and 56 games. Probably 52 games. They have two and a half player on their roster that can play any defense that will be playing significant minutes. Andre Roberson, Steve Adams and half of Paul George. They will give up about 110 every night. The team will also need to adjust. After all, this will be the first time in Carmelo’s career that he will be the third option on a basketball team. He may be older and wiser, however, he still has pride and being the third option on a team at the age of 33 after a career of being the focal point in the offense is a big adjustment. Westbrook Will drive and Kick and still be very much the primary ball handler, still shooting for a triple-double. Paul George could face a rocky year. His numbers will be good, but we all know on a cold night in February in mid-season playing in Detroit and he doesn’t play well, fans will be on his back. We all know he is leaving for LA after the season’s end. How much slack will OKC give PG -13? It will be interesting how that narrative plays out over the course of the season.

They also don’t have much of a bunch. This is a key factor that a lot of people are overlooking. Andre Iguodala is always a great example of providing a spark off the bunch. He was prolific off the bunch, not only helping the Warriors to capture a title in 2015, but also getting a Finals MVP. That’s what any team in the NBA needs. Now more than ever in this upcoming season in order to top the Warriors a team needs a solid seven to eight-man rotation. The Thunder does not have a single guy in the bunch that is a significant offensive threat. Yes, you need star power but without having that occasional spark off the bench player, no team will beat the Warriors in a seven-game series.

Billy Donovan coaching reputation will also be put on the line. Not only will he have to manage superstar egos. Coaches and Carmelo mix about as well as Future and Cher. The biggest test for coach Donovan will be the mixture of Carmelo and the bunch players or PG — 13 and the bench players. Finding a strong lineup for the start of the second quarter will be something OKC will take most of the season to figure out. They need to find a lineup where Westbrook can rest unlike last season when he went on the bunch, and the whole offense would just crash and burn.

Lastly, the OKC front office is not doing with this roster just yet. There are not many grantees in this life but behold this is indeed one of them. The Thunder can not neglect that they need another person for that weak bunch. Not trying to jinx anything but OKC fans — Josh Smith is attempting an NBA comeback!


Taken by MLive.com’s Mike Mulholland

Against The Sun Sports

Clustering of Stars. Is This Bad?


By: (G)³

Stan for Change

With the upcoming 2017–2018 season super teams are more common in the league now more than ever. The top players in the league are taking their dynasty of winning a championship into their own hands. The days of loyalty to a single franchise has passed, and we are in the prime ring counting era. Where a player’s legacy is judged by how many rings they have.

Stan Van Gundy GM and Head Coach of the Pistons was spotted yelling into the woods about his ideas on removing the NBA lottery system altogether, and max contracts. A few media outlets heard, and wrote, posted videos about it. However, the irrelevance of the Pistons and Van Gundy himself seems to be overshadowing the interesting ideas that he mentioned. If we could only get Steve Kerr or Brad Stevens, or any respected coach to talk about these same ideas then perhaps a national conversation could be had. For a coach that will most definitely be on the hot-seat this upcoming season, Stan may also be saying his ideas out loud as a type of pre auditioning as the on-air talent with his brother Jeff. Especially, if this season with the Pistons goes anywhere near this amount of hilariousness :


Hear Him Out

SVG is onto something. If the NBA was to cut the lottery and max contracts this would absolutely help in the fight for parody in the league. As SVG points out with no draft incoming league rookies would be free agents. Leading to an increase in pay for rookies, and a perfect segway for all of us to freak out over how much money a franchise will play an unproven rookie. Back when football was in its prime condition, back in when a Mr. JaMarcus Russell signed a 6-year 61 million dollar rookie deal. Hopes were high, all the scouts were crazy about his arm strength, but he ended up being a candidate for biggest bust in NFL history. Part of the fun of sitting around with your buddies and talking about big sports bust is their lucrative contracts. It’s fun to say, “He got paid how much to suck!?”

Losing Max contacts would also great because then Lebron James really could have gotten his much deserved 100-million dollar a year contract. This again would make the league more even, simply because the Golden State Warriors, Houston Rockets, Cleveland Cavaliers, and future super teams couldn’t exist. SVG doesn’t believe that KD would have stated in Golden State if he was offered 40-million a year. I stand with Stan on that 100. Klay Thompson would not stay with GSW if he was offered 50 million a year to play with the Orlando Magic. And yes, SVG wants a salary cap.

SVG clearly has brainstormed about this with his brother Jeff. Probably when they ran out of stuff to talk about within the first five minutes of grabbing a coffee. SVG also acknowledges there would probably be unforeseen consequences if the league did this. However, the bottom line is that Stan is simply telling the truth, his idea really would create a more even playing ground.

NBA $$$

Why would the NBA (a business for profit) want to put a stop to super teams? NBA fans and NBA normies love watching these super hyped games. The ratings for the NBA have only gotten stronger in recent years, in a league that is now divided between the haves and the have-nots.

These super teams allow for the league to have a lot of recognizable faces together on the court. For people that only watch NBA games over so often, this is perfect for that audience. The NBA is an entertainment business and profits come first. The NBA is not here to make sure there is parity in the league, they want money and the current state of the league is making everyone a lot of money. The salary cap in the league is expected to grow from 101 million in 2017 to 108 million in 2018 season.

The Ocho That Was Ignored

SVG is right the league does not want league parity, and that’s okay. What this does is put a fire under the rest of NBA. Every team that is in the category of a non-super team has a clear mission statement, get better. Work harder, work smarter, hold every person in the origination responsible.

Think of the NBA haves and have-nots like this. In life, there will always that person in your life that for whatever has it easier. They had a stable home, natural good looks, doesn’t have to go to the gym to stay fit, didn’t have to study to get the top grades, and goes on ski trips in Kitzbuhel, Austria, and ends up marrying the person that made you believe in hygiene. So how do you respond to this seemly perfect person? You work your ass off. You study hard, hit the gym, you may never catch match them in the looks department, however, you can make your personality so likable that you convince people you’re a good and interesting person. Unfortunately, you may never have the money for those outrageous ski trips. : , — (

Yes, NBA teams may have to work intense hours and may come short in the end. The thing that all the have-not’s teams must remember is something that all rest of us average people in the world think of at the start of their day, hope. Hope that things will get better, hope that they will catch a lucky break, and hope that the next day will be better than the last.

Clustering Of Stars

Star clustering is not bad, we are witnessing the first time in any major sport where the players have the power. We are watching the Millionaires stick it to the billionaires. They hold the cards and while it took a little bit of time for the fans to understand, after the Celtics trade of Isaiah Thomas every NBA fan finally understood this is a business. Teams advertise culture and family to season ticket holders to season ticket holders, unfortunately, the GM’s job is to make the team as best as it can be even if that means betraying fans trust. If the GM’s didn’t do this then they would get the ax.

SVG may want to cut the NBA draft and max contracts but what would be in it for the league? Nothing. Business has never been stronger, why fix something that is working so well? Also, with the NFL starting the beginning stages of a league that is coming to an end, with researchers who may be able to detect CTE in living patients, the NBA could soon be America’s pastime.

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