Weekly Report

July 16 — — July 22

Platform Development

Completed the development of the smart health assistant DApp gamification module back-end smart contract calling tool.

DApp gamification module front-end development ongoing.

The front-end image and style design of the DApp gamification module is ongoing.

Wallet development and debugging.

Public chain development

Improved Pegasus file license agreement for dynamic file authorization.

Modify and debug the file dynamic authorization client.

Marketing & community

Partnering with Genaro Network, Samos etc to prepare for promotion.

Participate in the joint capital Bit-Z offline communication activities, share the concept and progress of the Gene Source Code chain.

Airdrops to to community for World Cup quiz awards.

Completed the airdrops of the community organization Fcoin.

Participate in the Global Blockchain Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

July 23 — July 29

Platform Development

Completed frontend UI design of the smart health assistant’s game module.

Partially completed the character design of the game module.

Doing debugging and stress testing to the backend of the smart health assistant.

Public Chain Development

Evolving Pegasus, the dynamic file authorization tech, with techniques including data compression and simplification.

Simplified random oracle server contract to avoid crashes of service.

Providing a BP candidate node of block producer on EOS mainnet. Arranging layout of our ecosystem on EOS.

Investigated multiple cutting-edge consensus algorithms.

Launching a survey on global node service. Firstly, target on Singapore, Netherland and US.

Marketing & Community

Till 30 July, 2018, we have finished airdropping 200 thousand GENE token to probox wallet with the kindly help from probox colleagues.

Finished the world cup quiz. All awards have been airdropped to fcoin accounts submitted by participants till 30 July.

Data Standards

Research on data structure of HIS and other existing medical data systems.

July 30 — Aug 5

Platform Development

Developing the frontend of DApp’s game module Continue doing character design of the game module Start analyzing the data structure of HIS Developing the individual genomic identification function Start developing automatic genomic imputation tool

Public Chain Development

Completed developing the revised Pegasus file authorization module Investigated PRe algorithm and plan to add it into the next version of Pegasus Tested the performances of multiple recent-released public chains and found that most of them were overstated Summed up experience of EOS development and modularization

Marketing & Community

Encouraging community members to follow our official wechat by rewarding followers with blockchain study materials Starting an activity of buying genomic sequencing service for GENE token cashback in cooperation with Starship Gene

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