“We’re kind of culturally different.”

This is about people’s hometowns or any place they call it home.

Everyday, I meet people from all around the world and I would like to see where they are from from their perspectives. I believe it’s one of the best ways to see those places because to them, those are the cities with memories and emotions.

This is from my hometown project, and I’m writing about Kuching, Malaysia.

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“We’re kind of culturally different.” Kuching, Malaysia

“We’re kind of culturally different, even the lifestyle is different,” said Stefanie Jong, 22, a student who’s now studying Accounting and Finance in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

“We’re more chill, but the people from the west side, they’re always doing something, they’re always onto something.” said Jong, referring to her hometown, Kuching.

Kuching is the capital city of Sarawak, Malaysia. The term “kuching” stands for cats in Malay, and there have been various explanations of the origin of the name. Statues of cats can be found everywhere in Kuching and they have become the landmark of the city from eastern Malaysia.

Born and raised in Kuching, Jong spent her childhood and teenage years in her hometown and went to Hong Kong for college education. She is currently exchanging in the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

Growing up in the city of Kuching, Jong said that the life in the capital is nothing but relaxing. It’s a city without all the hustle and bustle. Kids go to school from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. and they are educated in an environment with relatively less pressure.

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