When you happened.

I wasn’t looking for love. I wasn’t planning to find you. I wasn’t even ready for you. But damn it, you happened. And I don’t know what it was, but I was filled with this sudden urgency to break loose, break free and break all those goddamn promises I made to me. I loved you but I resisted you. So much so that it started hurting me inch by inch, slowly boring a hole within me. Every time you came close to me I pushed you away. You should have left. But you didn’t. And then something beautiful happened.

Life. Love. Freedom.

To be more precise, you happened. And that was it. I was no more the person I ever was.

This love has made me realize life is greater. How is it that all of a sudden my life makes sense now? Not that it didn’t make sense before, but you have given it a better sense, a different kind of sense. I care for myself now. I care for you. There’s not a day I don’t wish to God that he takes care of you. That he keeps you safe. There’s not a day I wish our family, friends and the nearest of kin stay safe and happy because even though life makes so much of sense now, the world around us might not. I want everyone in our life, not just the two of us. We are who we are because of everyone else around us. And this love opened it up to me. Your love has made me a better person. Your love has made my life beautiful.

Have I ever thanked you for all those beautiful ways in which you touch my soul? Have I let you know what you really mean to me? I could be having the worst day in the decade but the thought of getting back to your arms at the end of the day and holding your hand is enough. It’s enough to let that little anxious, jumpy, perturbed brain of mine relax… at least a tiny little bit. And you know very well that mine won’t relax. It is enough to know that you’ll be there no matter what goes on in my life. It is enough to know that you will catch me when I fall. Thank you for all the ways you make me smile, laugh and live my life. Thank you for loving every inch of me.

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