Who is ICOBench?

On last July 23rd, we were pleased to announce that PROT received an average of 4.5 out of 5.0 on ICOBENCH, which is the world’s leading coin evaluation site,

Although the company was rated better than most other companies in all aspects of technology, vision, potential, and business items, SNS, which has been the only downside of improvement

The PROT, which started at 4.5, and then fell within a few days to 4.1 points after failing to break through the walls of overseas SNS.

But after three months of steady effort, PROT finally scored 4.6 points over 4.5!I made an excellent achievement of it.

Just let you know that, ICOBENCH is one of the most trusted coin evaluation sites in the world.

Ever since 2017, famous Coins (EOS, Ontology, Urger, Komodo, Golem, etc.) have been listed in ICOBENCH for a total evaluation of their technical skills, business visions, business items and other essential conditions.

The MOST important news is that among all the masternode coins listed in the ICOBENCH, PROT has the highest rating so far!

So what does PROT’s 4.6 points compare to other famous coins? EOS, the 7th place in the world, is 4.0 points, QTUM is 36th place with 3.9 points, and 27th place is Ontology with 3.8 points. Other well-known coins does not even come close to PROT’s ratings.

If you can’t believe it, please check out the link below.



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