Who is PROT’S advisor?

Alex G. Lee brings over 25 years of unique experiences and expertise in technology R&D, technology commercialization, business development, intellectual property (IP) management, and business strategy consulting into business, technology, and IP integrated strategy development and execution. He consulted with Fortune 500 companies, patent monetization firms, law firms, investment firms, and research institutions regarding the strategy for emerging technologies & IP acquisition, investment, development, monetization, and commercialization. He has participated in over $100 million technology and IP development, acquisition, and monetization in the file of telecommunications, information technology, semiconductor electronics, and software.

Alex has worked with leading companies and research institutions such as Samsung, Korea Telecom, KMW, MIC Radio Research Laboratory, Boston University, and Georgia Tech. Alex also has founded and managed several companies and industry organizations such as TechIPm, LLC for technology monetization strategy consulting, Xanadu Big Data, LLC for the big data technology in integration with AI, IoT, and blockchain commercialization and monetization, and u-City Forum for the IoT smart city development through public-private partnership. He earned Ph.D. in physics from the Johns Hopkins University and J.D. from the Suffolk University Law School. He is a member of New York State Bar. He registered to practice before the US Patent and Trademark Office. He is a Certified Licensing Professional (CLP). He attended MIT Sloan School of Management Executive Program for strategy and innovation certificate and MIT Professional Education Program for Data Science certificate.

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