Why Netflix (NFLX) is the stock to buy now and hold!

Netflix (NFLX) is one of the most predictable companies on the market and it is not a bad thing. Predictability is good, we know exactly where they can go and how they can achieve it. There is no doubt that they have revolutionized the way we watch TV, and as they continue to grow, they will tap into markets that currently don’t exist to the masses, and if they do, they are under-marketed and underdeveloped. The current price is as of 2:01pm ET on 08/29/17 is 169.32/share. I believe as Netflix strikes a deal with HBO to bring some of their shows over such as Game of Thrones, and they continue to produce high quality Netflix Originals, the powerhouse company will become untouchable such as Apple. I see them eventually pulling away customers from Movie theatres and eventually striking deals with major motion picture companies to directly stream new, in theatre movies for either a “Premium Package” account or Pay per view type deal through the Netflix App. These moves could revolutionize the way we watch movies forever and make theatres a thing of the past the same way Redbox killed blockbuster and Netflix killed cable. Buy and hold on to this stock because it will not slow down for the foreseeable future; and buy foreseeable future I mean next 5–10 years. This stock might just make you rich.

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