Will it Turn around!!!!

I have to start somewhere!

I am 33 years old working for my company or my dads company.He is the CEO of the company we have been running for 3 years going on for number 4.

One major problem is that it’s more of a struggle than anything else I watch Gary Vee feel inspired and work and try and try nothing has happened yet. I get so frustrated I am really trying to change my life I have always fallen short and never good enough .I need to change something I need to change my life I feel that turning our business around is not only a challenge but it could be my way of helping in some way or another.a Way of stopping the losing streak. Which is strange, at the moment it’s the place that I’m failing !I really need to turn things around.If I can excel and turn it round and grow this business against all odds it would be a huge accomplishment not only for me but for everyone important in my life.I probably will not get the 5 steps to success at the moment but would love some direction.

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