I was out here roaming

Until I found you

I was floating, slowly pacing into the abyss

Until you found me, and latched me I to your boat

Now I’m navigating the both of us along the sea

No longer drifting

No longer sinking

No longer wasting away

I was lost until I found you and now I’m setting course for a new life

If I could gaze into the future, would I like what I see?

Would my aesthetics and internal being please me?

Would the world around me be the life I seek?

Internally asking questions in the moment

Wondering about

the man I’ll be

Will I have created the life I wished for?

Would I have become happy?

Will I be moving forward and have the luxuries I sought out for?

If I glance into my future will I have overcome the trials and obstacles I faced then and now?

Will I have succumbed to my anxiety?

Will depression take it’s toll and drown me in the waterfall of sorrow

Until I crash in the lake of my own blood

Forever drowning into the depths of my mind

Will I continue to fall through the toxic cycles

I’m trapped in now

Will I still be running from the ghosts of my past?

Or will I have entered the light and rested in the ocean of my life.

Sailing the course to new lands and charting the ideal life I seek?

Will I have landed in a spot and cultivated the world I need?

Will plant the seeds of growth and create a garden of care and love?

Will I touch souls and set aside goals and accomplish them?

If I were to glance into my future

Who will I be?

Will I be all I can be?

Or achieve beyond that

Only time will tell,

Oh I’m so ready to see

Long live nipsey

The marathon continues

It’s sad to say that I lost a brother today

A brother I never met I may say

However the pain I feel seeps deep into my psyche for he was a king in every right.

And wherever he used to go he would give life

Here is a love letter to all my kings and queens

Please don’t let the falling of Nipsey deter you from chasing your dreams

Do reflect on how much hate we are plagued to see

Understand that this world is designed to bring you down.

Believe that

But do not blame the lost niggas for the hate they bring


We were subjugated to cause pain to each other and drown ourselves the barrel of crabs we are stuck in

However we saw a king build a meadow in the desolate dirt

We witnessed a man give back to his people,

understand that this can be you, you are all Kings and queens

Spread your wings and fly

Promote your business

be as Devine as god intended you to be as he gave. you the tools for your ascension as nipsey drifts off into the sky I want you to realize

you are beautiful king

You are beautiful queen

Believe in yourself young brothers and sisters

You are the child of your mother a

queen who blessed you with love to deliver the beauty of black skin

Please Kings and queens you must see,

in this world filled with negativity and dead set against you I want you to believe, this is the time for you to see what you’re capable of

Don’t you dare shrink in the idea that everyone else won’t believe in your dreams

Shine bright like the sun that blesses your skin and gives you light Kings and queens I’m begging you to embrace life

Because everything around you tells you otherwise I’m here to remind you, that you are not just an ordinary nigga, you are not just black

You are the very image of the lord and savior that died on that cross

You are the descendants of the first people

You are blessed with this radiant brown skin

You are encased in melanin and you are kings and queens,

You are beautiful king

You are beautiful queen

Please invest in your kingdoms as the great nipsey did

Don’t give hope, know our communities can be unified, know that black excellence is not just in you, but around you as well

And even though we may come from hell we were born with a little piece of heaven,

Now gift that beauty into the world and rise

Kings and queens

This is a love letter to you all,

You matter

You are worth so much more than what the media explores

We are not just rappers and ball players

Sex symbols and entertainers

We are creators, fashion statements, writers, lawyers, doctors, dancers, directors, teachers, world changers

You are just as important as the next man or woman

Do not hide what’s inside because you are scared of pacing beyond those around you

Unconditionally love yourself and radiate that little bit of sun inside, let the rest of the world warm up from your comfort, and shine back

Signed in cursive from a young black man cursed and gifted with these black hands

Sincerely Adonis Isiah Richards

A Young Schenectady naga

Bound to be the greatest here’s where I start

Adonis Richards
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