Zen and the Art of Getting Sh*t Done

Productivity is an art, a science and perhaps even a religion for some.

Achieving “Zen” in productivity has a lot to do with what is in your head, what you feel, your whole approach to the work as much as the work itself.

In this series, I share the techniques learned, discovered and mastered over 20 years of being a “productivity geek”.

I hope to impart this knowledge so you too can find insight, work mindfully and achieve what makes you happy.

If you are like me you have lived a love/hate relationship with time. Anyone who is creative and/or strives for constant improvement knows what I am talking about.

The love is when you are in those moments of “flow” where time flies out the window. The hate is when there is a deadline looming or you get that feeling that there is never enough time in the day to get that ‘side hustle’ project off the ground!

We are all given just 24hrs in a day. What we do with our time is no-one else’s responsibility but our own.

Yes… that applies to Elon Musk, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg too!

What is flow?

Flow is the difference between superhuman achievement and just getting by.

I define flow (or in “the zone”) as the mental state when I feel totally focused; my mind, my feelings, my intentions and actions are working as one and it feels good!

Is there any wonder why it feels good? Flow is the drug of life! The fuel that drives creation. Drug? Yes. I said drug — just look at the chemicals released when in flow state: dopamine, endorphins a natural high, then we have norepinephrine speed, anandamide THC, endorphins heroin and serotonin found in ecstasy and anti-depressants.

Can we agree flow is pretty good sh*t?

Hands down ‘flow on tap’ is what we need to achieve more in our day.

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