7 vloggers that share their unique lives through YouTube

A regular series to highlight great channels on YouTube

Vlogging is one of the most popular formats on YouTube for creators and viewers alike. Most vlogs feature experiences from normal every day people, going about their business, and sharing the fun along the way. Some vloggers however lead more unconventional lives, and are spicing up the genre by sharing their unique stories and lifestyles with us.

Justin Rhodes

Modern farming for the whole family

Justin and his family have been growing their own food, raising livestock, and documenting it for the past year. They hope to inspire others to grow their own food as well, and that’s why they transitioned from blogging to vlogging, which also seemed like an activity that the whole family could participate in as well.

The Frey Life

The ups and downs of everyday life with Cystic Fibrosis

This couple (Mary and peter) shares their story living with Mary’s cystic fibrosis and the challenges they overcome together in the face of hardship. They don’t shy away from events that might make some squeamish, like hospital visits, procedures and discussions about lung transplants.

Less Junk, More Journey

How a family lives and prospers through RV living.

After a year of planning, this family sold their home and nearly all their belongings, moved into an RV, and began traveling the country. Their philosophy has been to declutter as much as possible so they can have lives filled with more “journey” or adventure, seeing places they didn’t know existed and doing things they never imagined previously.

Fly With Stella

Vlogging the friendly skies

Stella is a flight attendant and she shows us what it’s like working 30,000 ft above sea level! Her vlogs give us access to her joyful personality, and what this unconventional job is like, while getting to enjoy the perks of travel as well. She shares tips for becoming a flight attendant, and some of her favorite travel accessories as well.

Hobo Ahle

Living life on the road

“Hobo” in the title stands for Homeward Bound. Ahle (like Allie, short for Ahlexandra) decided to live in her car two years ago and travel around the country. In her vlog she reveals how she makes money, the places she visits, and tips for anyone who might want to try to do the same.

Good Plane Living

High Mile Living

Here we join Ed and Colleen on their adventures flying in their small aircraft and camping in different locations. In years prior, they showed time-lapses of their airplane build in their garage!


The Graffiti Life

Doke is a graffiti artist and filmmaker from Slovakia who shows us his techniques and what it’s like to live in his world. But isn’t graffiti illegal?? He swears he only engages in legal activities. And I would hope so, because he certainly isn’t trying to hide!

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