Exploring…Gion Calf

On its continuing mission to explore new restaurants, to seek out new menus and new plating experiences, the Shimaya team boldly went to Gion Calf, a beef restaurant that opened last December in the geisha area of Gion.

The restaurant serves only Ohmi beef — lighter in taste than Kobe or Matsuzaka beef so you can polish off a large steak with ease, chef Naoto Masu says.

Opening this 14-seat restaurant after working at the Hyatt hotels in Hong Kong and Kyoto, chef Masu leaves no garlic chip unturned in his efforts to make diners happy.

He recommends the dinner course but adds that the lunch sets — Japanese-style hamburger or fillet bento — are good value.

Website: http://www.gion-calf.com/index.html

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