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Hey everyone! Thanks for following Serious Philosophy.

I’m excited to announce a new Serious Philosophy Discussion for your reading (and/or writing!) pleasure: The Great Free Will Debate.

Have a look, there is one essay there but responses will hopefully be quite forthcoming. We still have The Existentialist Book Club, so feel free to poke around that project as well.

If you’re interested in writing, send your username in a DM on Twitter to @seriousphiloso1 ( To write for these projects, you’ll need to tag your article with the discussion “thegreatfreewilldebate” or “Existentialist Book Club,” respectively.

I’ll start doing monthly newsletters that showcase notable stories as well, just to keep everyone up to speed.


Thomas Dylan Daniel
Founder and Editor-in-Chief
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Serious Philosophy is a place for public philosophy about subjects that we, philosophers, are interested in getting to the bottom of. As such, almost anything current goes, here — but the rub is that our essays will need to be polished and accessible to a wide audience. Enjoy!

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