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Thanks For Your Support! 6 More Months Coming Your Way

Serious Philosophy is 6 months old!

Hey everyone, it sure has been a wild ride. Just six short months ago we were running our first few stories. We technically got our start on March 30, but everything is pretty crazy these days so the 6-month update newsletter you’re reading now is a bit late. That’s okay, we’ll do better next time. I’ve been getting into video content (follow my YouTube Channel here if you like) and would be happy to chat with people from this magazine and spread a bit of awareness of our projects here.

And there is a significant amount of activity there. We’ve got nine stories up at the Existentialist Book Club page, and it doesn’t bother me at all that I’ve written every single one of them! I would love to see some more love for the project, as it’s a great deal of fun, but as I assess my own Medium journey to date I find that this has been one of the most successful ideas to date for me personally. So feel free to enjoy the ride along or get involved if that would make you happier.

We’ve run submissions by three contributors in all, so thanks be to James Holley, Brandon Long and Stephen Ray Brown for stepping in and providing the readers some great essays to read!

I may mess around with the idea of including video content alongside my stories in the future, and I encourage any and all possible writers for Serious Philosophy to look at doing the same type of thing. It will be interesting to see how things go from here!


Thomas Dylan Daniel
Founder and Editor-in-Chief
Serious Philosophy




Serious Philosophy is a place for public philosophy about subjects that we, philosophers, are interested in getting to the bottom of. As such, almost anything current goes, here — but the rub is that our essays will need to be polished and accessible to a wide audience. Enjoy!

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Thomas Dylan Daniel

Thomas Dylan Daniel

Philosopher. Founder of WIP Publishing & PAGE DAO. Author of Formal Dialectics and Bring Back Satire.

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