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Modesty. Built from LEGO.

During my LSP facilitation training I was asked to build a model that demonstrated one of my personal traits — or what I considered to be one of them.

I regard myself as pretty modest, so modesty became the subject of my build.

What you see here is an example of how modesty affects my working life.

You are looking at three of my clients and they are all applauding my work.

My work is on the wall and is represented by the imaginative green shoots.

You will notice that I am in the background.

I’m actually almost hiding behind the screen.

It’s easier to see my relative anonymity from the rear view of the model.

The point is that I like to let my work speak for me.

There is only me in this business but the business works because of my work.

Maybe I am not as modest as I like to think but modesty is normally quite difficult to explain in concrete terms.




Using LEGO® Serious Play® to make sense of our inner world.

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