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25 Agile Memes to get you through a difficult “Transformation” 😂

or perhaps I should say FrAgile Memes!

While I was making “20 Product Management Memes to brighten your day” I couldn’t help but come up with a few agile memes in the process.

Because of the incredible response it has gotten I thought I’d dig them up and put together an encore — a FrAgile encore 🤣

#1: …low blow

#2: There’s only two kinds of Scrum Masters

#3: We value Jira Tickets over ‘Individuals and Interactions’

#4: When the value of Sharpies surpasses Gold

#5: Installing agile…

#6: Kanban Freedom

#7: The Invasion of Foam Boards

#8: Managing Self-Organizing Teams

#9: People when they learn about the ‘Daily Scrum’ for the first time

#10: User Stories (I didn’t create this one but it’s too good to not be in here! 😂)

#11: Manager ≠ Leader

#12: Darkside

#13: Returning from a conference where a talk mention the “Spotify Model”

#14: There’s only two kinds of teams

#15: Ol’ Pub Retro

#16: Every Scrum Master when the team decides to “go Kanban”

#17: We start on time

#18: Agile is just Project Management, right?

#19: “let’s take it offline”

#20: Our Goal is to have a Goal

#21: “I don’t need coaching, I get agile!”

#22: Coffee run

#23: Those Day Rates $$$

#24: Deadlines

#25: Every time I hear “MVP”



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