5 Things You May Think Are Part Of Scrum But Got Removed

How the Scrum Guide moved towards describing the core framework

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Scrum is a framework to create value in complex environments. It is founded upon the concept of empiricism: transparency — inspection and adaptation. Scrum as a framework is also subject to inspection and adaptation. It continued to have the same objectives, but the rules of the game of Scrum have evolved.

Even if you only take into account the last decade, ever since the publication of the first Scrum Guide, many things have changed. Many things got removed. Some things were added and later removed.

In this article, I will discuss 5 things that were removed from Scrum but have made a lasting impression on the framework.

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1. Sprint Backlog items

Product Backlog Items that were selected for a Sprint used to change names. They became Sprint Backlog Items. This is very clear in the Sprint Planning section of the July 2011 Scrum Guide. In the “What will be done” section, the guide discusses Product Backlog Items. In the “how” section, these have turned into Sprint Backlog Items.

There were no clarifications on how these two differed from each other. This only added to the confusion.

The Scrum Guides weren’t very consistent. They sometimes discussed Product Backlog Items where you would expect them to mention Sprint Backlog Items:

“The Daily Scrum is not a status meeting, and is for the people transforming the Product Backlog items into an Increment.” — Scrum Guide July 2011

Since the 4th edition of the Scrum Guide, July 2013, Scrum doesn’t talk about Sprint Backlog Items anymore. We now only have Product Backlog Items. But many still make the distinction between Sprint Backlog Items and Product Backlog Items.

2. Development Team

The latest edition of the Scrum Guide, from November 2020, got rid of the Development Team. No, they didn’t remove the people that do the work from the framework. They removed the team within a team.

All previous editions of the Scrum Guide had teams within a team. You had the Scrum Team and the…



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