9 remarkable Scrum Guide improvement suggestions

What does it tell us about how Scrum is understood?

The Scrum Guide is an evolving document. It is updated regularly and people are invited to bring forward their ideas:

Some of these ideas are remarkable to say the least. You wonder how well informed these people are about Scrum. Here are the most special suggestions

Merge the Sprint Review & Retrospective to a single meeting

The Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective have a totally different purpose and audience.

Prescribe a productivity model that is not just Velocity or Story Point based but focused on timely delivery of tasks *within* the Sprint

The words velocity and story are both NOT mentioned in the Scrum Guide. With a reason. Scrum doesn’t prescribe how the Development Team creates Increments of potentially releasable functionality.

Clarify whether the Scrum Master is active in development or not

This would be a bad thing. This should be a choice.

Replace the word “framework” by “method” in the very first sentence of the guide

This is nonsensical, because Scrum is a framework, not a method. See Sjoerd Nijland post on this:

One-to-one (face-to-face) retrospective meetings

This undermines one of the Scrum Values: openness. It also violates the notion that Scrum is focusing on self-organizing teams.

Change label of “Sprint” to “Hike”, or a word that suggest something less hectic

This is the best one! I love it!

Include Backlog Refinement in the Scrum Events section

I believe it is a good thing that this is not an event. It can be a meeting, but there can be other ways to refine your Product Backlog Items.

Adding a 13th Principle to Agile — the adoption of an Agile mindset

Scrum and Agile aren’t the same. Improvement suggestions are for the Scrum Guide, not for the Manifesto of Agile Software Development.

Business Analyst Role in Scrum

Not every Scrum Team would need a Business Analyst. It would limit the usability of Scrum to add additional roles to Scrum!

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