First Serious Scrum meetup — June 20

Sign up information, location, route, hotels in the proximity and other information

Willem-Jan Ageling
Jun 13 · 3 min read

June 20th 2019 we will have our first Serious Scrum meetup. This meetup will be from 18.00 h to 21.00 h in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands.

The approximate program of the meetup is as follows:

17.30–18.00 Arrival

18.00 — Welcome by Sjoerd Nijland and Willem-Jan Ageling, founders/editors of Serious Scrum

18.05 — Serious ScrumButs — Interactive session

Sjoerd is going to help us uncover ScrumButs and discuss the first step towards resolving these ScrumButs.

18.45 — Drinks and snacks

19.15 — Scrum. Then and now — Talk

Paddy Corry, editor and valued long-time contributor to Serious Scrum, will discuss how the Scrum Guide has changed throughout the years. He will bring forward how Scrum isn’t immutable, but instead changes based on new insights.

19.45 — “Ingenico’s journey embracing Agility” — Talk and Agile Safari

Willem-Jan will discuss how Ingenico got inspired by Spotify and Scrum to increase delivery of value, followed by a tour to show how Ingenico works, how they experiment and what they have learned.

20.30 — Conversations with snacks and refreshments

21.00 — Goodbye


For this Serious Scrum meetup Ingenico was so kind to offer their office as our location.

The office address is:


Neptunusstraat 41

Hoofddorp, the Netherlands

Here’s where the meetup takes place!

Sign up

If you wish to sign up for the event, you can still do this! s you can do this by voicing this in our slack channel. Just follow this link.

If you don’t have the option to use Slack you can also express this as an answer to this announcement.

How to get there — By car

If you come by car you can park at our office. We should have sufficient parking spots available for those coming by car.

How to get there — By public transport

Take the train to Hoofddorp station. From there it is a 5 minute walk to the Ingenico office.

Hoofddorp station is one stop away from Schiphol airport.

Hotels in the immediate proximity

If you wish to stay over there are plenty of option in close proximity to the Ingenico office. These hotels are less than 500 meters away:

  • Hampton by Hilton Amsterdam Airport / Schiphol
  • Holiday Inn Express Amsterdam — Schiphol
  • Crowne Plaza Amsterdam — Schiphol
  • Hotel Novotel Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (with a great bar to continue where you left off :-) )

Long weekend

Hoofddorp is close to Schiphol airport and Amsterdam. You could combine the meet-up perfectly with a long weekend visiting Amsterdam (or other parts of the Netherlands).

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