Get it Done! Is this the Goal?

The hidden assumption we all make is that when things get done, progress is being made. When people are busy the mind tells us that motion, whatever that might be, is better than no motion at all.

  • How can we get it Done faster?
  • Can we get everything Done?
  • There are things that should not have been done and were.

#1— determine what potential Value is.

  • the product is incurring waste;
  • Return on Investment: ROI = NP / I

#2 — measure realized Value.

  • the opportunity to realize the potential value is not longer there;

End note

A systemic approach is no longer something in the clouds, something that only an expert can touch. Running a business with a holistic approach is the only way to make it through the fierce competition. Everything that is done right now is not of equal value. It must be clear for everyone when a decision is accumulating waste or is increasing the realized value.

  • What initiatives we do right now, relate to the bottom line and how?
  • What initiatives we do right now, do not relate to the bottom line, why?
  • What initiatives we need to start that will positively influence the bottom line?
  • What information and metrics we need to make sure that every investment we make is tied back to the bottom line?

To all Scrum Practitioners

As we are on the Serious Scrum publication I would like to leave all Scrum Teams with one challenge. Show respect and focus to your stakeholders by working on the highest possible valuable work — always.

Always curios — humble.

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