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Scrum – are you Serious?

A series to address the malpractices of Scrum

Willem-Jan Ageling
Serious Scrum
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2 min readJun 5, 2018


We, Sjoerd Nijland and Willem-Jan Ageling, recently started Serious Scrum here on Medium. Our aim is to tackle serious issues with Scrum, like anti-patterns, myths, misconceptions, outdated notions and ignorant management. We wish to show the potential of Scrum.

Most of our articles are part of a series. We are running two series up to now:

We are now starting a third one:

  • Are you serious?

The purpose of the series is to address misinterpretations of Scrum. It is aiming to help people that mean well with Scrum, but struggle to get the hang of it.

There are many items that we aim to address under this title. We have already created two stories:

More will follow. We have a lot of inspiration to make this a great series.

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