Serious Scrum Weekly Update #44

Willem-Jan Ageling
Jul 8 · 3 min read

Welcome to the latest edition of the digest! In this weekly digest, we’ll round up all the Serious Scrum activities and publications from June 29th to July 5th.

We are happy with the first contributions Ben Richards and Laura Puttkamer.

Ben Richards talks about what Agile tranformations should really be about:

Laura Puttkamer has an inspiring story how Scrum was used for an urban renewal phase in Ciudad Bolívar, which is part of Colombia’s capital, Bogotá.

Sjoerd Nijland discusses and tackles 100 Scrumbuts!

Willem-Jan Ageling responded to Capital One’s article discussing swapping Scrum Masters for Agile Delivery Leads. He brings forward why he is not convinced.

Willem-Jan’s 2nd story of the week discusses that being awesome is no reason to skip a retro:

Dan Ray shows how Scrum can help to unleash intrinsic motivation:

roland flemm discusses the issue of inflicting Scrum and how you should fix your agreements:

Paddy Corry shows us a great way to retro:

Marty de Jonge shows us how scaling can bring us anti-patterns like giving a disproportionate weight to trivial issues. because the big subjects that really matter are too complex to grasp.

Thank you for staying tuned! Feel free to respond, share and discuss!

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