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Serious Scrum Weekly Update #68

It’s that time again. The weekly digest of Serious Scrum articles has arrived. Hello, and welcome to new writers, John Albrecht, and Michael Boumansour! This edition covers everything published between December 16th and December 22nd. Without further delay, here we go.

Coming to the rescue is a common Scrum Master behavior. John Albrecht proposes we take care of ourselves first.

Exemplifying Scrum values is challenging. Willem-Jan Ageling digs into what happens when theory meets reality.

Are you putting together a new Scrum team? Dirk Bolte discusses considerations for building a great team.

The Definition of Ready isn’t part of Scrum, and Maarten Dalmijn wants to know if it’s time to ditch the practice.

The Scrum Master role is challenging. John Clopton shares his experience at an organization that wasn’t ready.

Does you team have commitment issues? Willem-Jan Ageling dives into when teams commit to the wrong thing.

Wan to know more about flow metrics? Michael Boumansour digs more into his LSAD tool, and how you can use it too.

What happens when done is the goal? Ionut-Adrian Bejenaru dives into a holistic approach in defining the value of done.

Is knocking other frameworks like SAFe missing the point? Paddy Corry hopes to change the conversation in this post.

That’s all folks! That does it for everything published on Serious Scrum last week. See you next time!



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