Stop talking so much about the different Scrum roles

What matters most is the Scrum Team and their common goal

“We played with a lot of pressure on the other team, with a lot of risk in the back. The defenders went forward, the forwards came back. We played football. We even used the goalkeeper … as a libero, playing outside the area.” — Wim Rijsbergen

The whole Scrum Team shares the same goal

Scrum Teams should break their silos and work toward the same goal: delivering a valuable product

“Scrum recognizes no sub-teams in the Development Team, regardless of domains that need to be addressed like testing, architecture, operations, or business analysis” — Scrum Guide

“Scrum recognizes no sub-teams in the Scrum Team. Regardless of role, every member of the Scrum Team should work towards the same goal: delivering products of the highest possible value.”

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