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The Scrum is for Projects, Kanban is for Maintenance Myth

Don’t be fooled by this bullsh*t mantra.

Dancing man by Ksu Angeltseva
What it looks like when you know your WIP limit, and understand your capabilities.

“When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure.” — Goodhart’s law

I think I’ve spotted a problem with this system.

“If we’re using technology X poorly and are frustrated, then moving to Y won’t help. We won’t experience frustration for a while, but only because we are distracted. All the same dysfunctions will reappear. Instead, start working better and then re-evaluate the technology.” — Kent Beck

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John Clopton

Certified Sailor. Agile Coach. Public speaker. Author. Urban legend. I’m not a player I just Scrum a lot.