How a loaded term became a logical integral part of Scrum

As delicate a balance in Scrum as it is in our democratic institutions

  • Product Owner: responsible for the what,
  • Developers: responsible for the how,
  • Scrum Master: responsible for the Scrum way of working.

From The Brothers Scrumm Fairy Tales


20 powerful questions to develop a safe climate with open communication

R2M Coaching Arc

And the redundancy of a misunderstood attribute

A carrot-chocolate-cream-cheese-blueberry-lemon-candy-crust-frozen-meat cake.

How to get Chapters going by making them for the people and by the people.

First, you should strive to understand, then to be understood.

A man looking at another man with the hands on his face
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If you…

Four lessons to move away from stakeholder management to stakeholder inclusion

Serious Scrum

Content by and for Scrum Practitioners.

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