Creative Team

An attempt to identify useful Patterns to build a Learning Organization.


The Value Stream Owner has a Vision whose realization is beyond the reach of any individual.


Many great endeavors cannot achieve excellence through individual effort alone, and the greatest power in production comes from teamwork.

Great individuals can also create great value propositions, business models, products, services or processes, but starting with a single individual makes it difficult to scale later. Some ventures simply cannot realize greatness at the hands of a single individual; it’s too easy to become blindsided in a feedback vacuum.


Building on Stable Teams, create a Creative Team that rallies around a big enough problem inspired by the Value Stream Owner’s Vision, to deliver successive Value Stream Additions to its end users, customers or stakeholders. The Creative Team is a bonding of five individuals, more or less — a Small Team — committed to working with each other towards a common goal.

The team is autonomous: self-selected, self-organizing, and self-managing. Give the individuals a collective identity to realize the Value Stream Owner’s Vision. The Value Stream Owner can tell them: “This is your product, service, process, value proposition or business model: you build it, you run it, you own it.”


Final note: This is a work-in-progress.