Potential Value Addition

An attempt to identify useful Patterns to build a Learning Organization.


Creating value propositions, business models, products, services or processes is a complex and challenging activity. With the multiplicity of activities required to develop even the most basic piece of work there needs to be a way to unambiguously measure progress.


Because there is no one clear way to develop a new value proposition, business model, product, service or process, measuring development progress is a challenge and gauging intermediate benchmarks gives a poor sense of real progress. At the end of every Learning Cycle the Value Stream Team needs to know where they are with respect to the Value Stream Backlog and the Value Stream Roadmap.


A value proposition, business model, product, service or process increment or improvement, must be regularly developed in a time box, no longer than a Learning Cycle and validated at its end. This Potential Value Addition (PVA) will include as many of the highest value Potential Valuable Items (PVIs) that can be “Done” in the time box.


Final note: This is a work-in-progress.