Value Stream Backlog

An attempt to identify useful Patterns to build a Learning Organization.


You have defined a Value Stream by which the Value Stream Owner’s Vision flows to the market or to the bottom line of the organization.

You envision an organization supported by one or more Creative Teams that seek strategic direction. Many stakeholders, including Team members, have different ideas on how to achieve the Vision. The Creative Team needs guidance on how to interact with the Value Stream Owner to support the best implementation of the Vision.


At a given time, it is important that everyone agrees to what needs to be created and delivered next, and that the agreement be made transparent for all customers and stakeholders. But the Creative Team can’t do everything at once — in fact you can’t even do two things well at the same time. It’s important to maintain focus.


For each Value Stream, create a visible and single ordered list called the Value Stream Backlog, aka, a list of Potential Value Addition (PVA) contributions called Potential Valuable Items (PVIs), arranged in delivery order.

The Value Stream Backlog details the Value Stream Owner’s Vision for the value proposition, business model, product, service or process according to a set of assumptions and hypotheses, with each Potential Valuable Item describing a contribution to a Potential Value Addition to be validated later by the end users, customers and/or stakeholders.

The Value Stream Owner has always the final authority over the content of the Value Stream Backlog; however, he or she usually develops the Value Stream Backlog in a joint effort with the Creative Team during regular events convened to maintain a Ready Value Stream Backlog, as well as during the Learning Challenge session.


Final note: This is a work-in-progress.