Value Stream Owner

An attempt to identify useful Patterns to build a Learning Organization.


Value Stream Team members need a single, well formed, sequenced list of Potential Valuable Items as this provides focus for delivering potential value. Without this list the Creative Team doesn’t know what assumptions and hypotheses drive their development, and what to validate, amplify or damp. The Value Stream Team needs a Value Stream Backlog in a timely manner to support its work and maximize its odds to successfully validate and amplify Potential Value Additions.


One person needs to be responsible for the Value Stream Backlog. This person needs deep domain knowledge, business insight and knowhow, understanding of technology if working with products, and the organization explicit authority to force rank the backlog to maximize value.


Get a Value Stream Owner to order the Value Stream Backlog and to take responsibility for the value proposition, business model, product, service or process’s Vision, and for the value that emanates from it.


Final note: This is a work-in-progress.