Mobile Video Advertising — Less Is More

Mobile is the most common device to consume media with usually around 80% of web traffic coming from mobile users.

Video is fast becoming the preferred method of media consumption. In fact, according to Entrepreneur, by 2019 80 percent of online content will allegedly be video. That’s big.

It is true that we will all be watching more video ads over the next few years.

So this post aims to discuss how the mobile video ad experience could be better and maybe what to expect over the next couple of years:

  1. Shorter Ads
    One thing that all users would like to see is shorter ads on mobile. Ads on Snapchat or Instagram are shorter and skippable straight away. More adtech platforms now offer a ‘creative’ service that allows teams to chop up the 30 second TV commercial and make it into more snackable creative. User attention on mobile is non-existent, and it seems that 6 seconds will be the norm in the future. This may have a positive impact on video consumption in general and could lead to a more backseat user behaviour, leading to greater brand retention and awareness.
  2. Location Targeting
    With mobile, location is critical. Data is getting better, databases faster. Expect more of your mobile ads to have a location call to action or reward: “Ba da da da da, I’m Loving It. Your nearest McDonalds is 60m on your right, get 15% off with code LOCATION15.”
  3. Personalisation
    A.I. , better data. Expect it to be:
    “Ba da da da da, I’m Loving It. Stuart your nearest McDonalds is 60m on your right, get 15% off your favourite Big Mac meal deal with code Stuart15 if you order in the next 10 mins.” Also bear in mind, that could be the video ad… with subtitles and a video of a Bic Mac. No complicated creative and only 6 seconds.

The question is why are mobile video ads not like this already?

Respond below.

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