Open Letter to the Animal Industry

Every organization and business that serves the animal industry, directly or indirectly, should be asked for their official position statement.

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  • Encourage organizations that are not willing to make a statement, to share this with their members and allow those members to speak up on their own behalf.
  • Copy & paste this text to an email, personalize it with the company name, and your name and organization or business you represent, if applicable. (see text in bold)

Good Day, 
Can you tell me if your organization/company has an official position statement on the ban of sales of animals and advertising animal services on Facebook?
While certain sales need to be regulated or even banned, this ban is being enforced on humane societies, rescues, and reputable breeders and animal owners.
Social networks that have been built to provide breed education, breeder support for their buyers, adoption screening and follow-up for rescues and animal shelters, and vital animal services, such as trainers and coaches, are all being removed from Facebook under the guise of a move to prohibit animal sales and services on their platform.
Networks that have curated Facebook into a tool to screen potential buyers or adopters are not only being removed, but punished for even trying to appease Facebook while still working to reach their networks.
Rescuers and animal welfare advocates do not belong in Facebook Jail. They do not deserve to be leveled the same punishment as gun runners, drug dealers and human traffickers by Facebook.
We ask that you stand up with us, all animal owners, and defend our right to use one of the most valuable tools on the internet to continue to educate and support each other and ensure the best possible care for our pets and all animals.
YOUR BUSINESS, GROUP or Organization you represent
Animal Welfare Supporter