Which Johnny Depp Hairstyle is the Right Summer-Do 4 U?

With summer just around the bend there’s no better time for a new hairstyle to shake things up. Who better to model that style on than fashion maverick Johnny Depp?

“The Daywalker” is a great look if you’re new in town and want to be mesmerizingly classy while avoiding as much sun exposure as possible.

“The Older Mom” Is a laid back look that actually takes more work to pull off than you might imagine. If you’re into jewelry and other accessories or just end up with lots of stuff stuck in your hair this is the Depp for you.

The “Charmed Demon” Is a great choice if you want something more intense or if all of your clothes are really out of date. For best effect practice not blinking.

The “Buddist Buzzcut” Is a flattop with a vengeance and definitely one of the more striking J.D. looks. If you want to have that “open mind” look to go with your breezy summer attitude this is the Johnny cut for you.

“The Downtown Shaman” If you were looking for something with the intensity of “The Charmed Demon” but the QVC jewelery from “The Older Mom” then this is the best Depp. A look that says; “I’m experienced but also insane.”

The “Caribbean Miscreant” is the perfect summer look for the guy or gal with confidence to spare. It’s the classic Depp that’s perfect for brownbagging your own rum at the party while searching for legendary booty.

“The Fancy Lady” is a unisex Depp cut if you want an updated take on “The Daywalker” Or can’t pull off a Transylvanian accent.

“The Mummy” is a great throwback Depp style that’s just become relevant again. The great thing about this look is there are lots of ways to make it work. If you don’t have doubled irises or glasses just try rapidly shaking your head back and forth when you instagram. If you can’t grow facial hair a brillo pad or part of an old slipper can easily be substituted.

The “James Macavoy” Is a simple look that u2 can pull off, even though it’s definitely a haircut the glasses are really what give this look it’s Deppth.

“The Summer Flop” has been a Depp fallback since “Pirates 3” making it the quintessential J.D. cut. If you want something recognizable but really played out this might be the best ironic choice.

What Depp is your favorite? Is there one we missed? Are you already rocking one of these summer styles? Let us know in the comments or take to twitter @newsreparter.

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