Experimental Xamarin Web Customer Support Screen with Ooui and SignalR

Dec 1 · 2 min read

While reading about the idea of using Xamarin on the web, I came across Uno and Ooui web framework. I chose Ooui because of its simple structure. For a quick start and preliminary information, please read this article. To try this framework, I made a chat application using SignalR:

Project Directory

ChatHub.cs => The class is where our SignalR server side code. In fact, this place should be used as a separate project without the client project, but I didn’t separate the project because it was an experimental trial.

The project keeps a static collection of incoming and outgoing users with their messages. Requests that come to the server with the “Supporter” header are separated as support and others as customers. If it wouldn’t be a hobby project, it would be inevitable that we would store it with in-memory db and add authorization.

As you can see in the project directory, we know the classic Xamarin Forms structure. In addition, we have a controller and .net core classes.

Supporter Screen

When designing the UI, you need to spend more time than you spend on Xamarin because there are differences between in the screens. A DisplayAlert that you display appears on all other pages at the same time. There are methods that are not implemented like PushModal. Although Ooui developers doesn’t claim to use it in the production, you can try it in your spare time.

Client Test Screen

Source code for those who wonder.

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