Xamarin Forms Maps Series II- With GMaps Place APIs

Nov 28 · 2 min read

In the first article, we completed drawing and restricting area parts that we need in UI part of the map.Now we’ll get location and route details from Google Maps services by using the user’s map selections.Additionally, we will also use autocomplete service for address and place searching:

Place Detail + Autocomplete Api(iOS)

PlaceService.cs includes Google Place Detail, Geocode, Direction, AutoComplete services.

AutoComplete => For the search text, two separate requests sent in the type of places and addresses were shown to the user as one result (types: address and establishment). In the picture above, the red icons list addresses and the black icons list the places. The use of the service in the example searches for specific coordinates and limits.

PlaceDetail => To retrieve the place_id of the selected location selected from the list and use it in the route service.

Geocode => To retrieve the place_id of the selected location and use it in the route service.

Direction => To retrieve the route of the position range.

Route Api Result(Android)

For the first post.

Sample project can be found here.

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