How to talk to your teen about hand-to-head metamorphosis

Mikey Hamm
Apr 3, 2017 · 1 min read
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These days, it seems like you can’t even turn on the TV without seeing some photoshopped actor vomit into the top of his own skull from a pair of oiled up head-hands.

In fact, many parents might wonder why it’s even necessary to talk to their child about metamorphosis at all. But although kids are exposed to these things from a very young age, they still may lack a proper understanding of the basics, like where the vomit comes from, what to do if one of their head-hands hasn’t split its chrysalis in time, or how to treat your head-hands with respect and cultivate a healthy, happy relationship between the headhands, the vomit, and the child’s own eager, toothy cranial reservoir.

Talking early, often, and honestly will help alleviate your child’s anxieties, which is important. Because after all, the whole point of all this (besides transferring and storing surplus calories for their upcoming artery migration) is to have fun.

Don’t let your child’s only education come from the kids at school!

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