Check out this monster’s dating profile lol

Mikey Hamm
May 11, 2017 · 2 min read
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I guess I’m just a romantic at heart, because I’ve always felt the idea of internet dating to be, ya know, uninspiring. I don’t know, it’s not like I want some kind of rom-com how-we-met story, or think that drama is the same as passion, or even that passion will be a fix-all for every problem a relationship faces over the years.

But online dating just seems so sterile, so inorganic. I guess it’s still just people interacting with people. I mean I’m sitting here right now, my hands are on the keys, and I’m pouring my heart out, and it feels real. But is it? Will they feel that?

Will the way I’m feeling, and the way I am, the parts of me that the survey couldn’t quantify, that the algorithms couldn’t account for, will that even reach anyone? Or will they just boil me down to my age, my bodytype, and whether I drink socially or not. I don’t know.

But my friends keep bugging me to try it and it seems to be more and more normal. My sister’s friend Lynn just met her husband online, and they seem to be very happy. So here we go I guess!

My name is Loveslug, and I don’t have face-skin.

Sermon Monsters

I draw monsters during church and then write stories about…

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