Asking a Snack Giant a Life-saving Question

Mikey Hamm
Apr 28, 2017 · 1 min read
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Ever try to swallow a pill and miss your chance? By the second attempt its already started to dissolve, and you’re better off aborting the mission completely.

That’s the way Seafood did it. She was just one of over a hundred flavour monsters in a snack giant’s 450 gram variety pack, but somehow she managed to just stick around in that mouth just long enough for the giant to stop trying to eat her and start having a conversation.

A good conversation starts with a good question. Something that seems simple and straight-forward to anyone listening in, but something that requires backstory from the person answering. A question they had been waiting to be asked for years, that they had practiced answering in the shower with hands full of suds.

So while Saltfat, Barb, Glazeover, Applebits and the rest of flavors trembled in their blister packs, waiting to be popped out and annihilated by Bigpit and his 36 yellow porcelain smashers, Seafood exhaled slowly, closed her eyes, and practiced the question.

“Do you like Seafood?”

Sermon Monsters

I draw monsters during church and then write stories about…

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