The best selection sites to get media production jobs in the United States

Renzo Esposito
Nov 5 · 5 min read

For a few weeks I have been exploring the media labor market in the United States I selected specific websites and services that can make your job searching much easier. This list has been showing me what job positions are in the industry and how to apply for the jobs that seem most attractive to me.

At first, I thought the search would only be generic but there are many other options focused on the audiovisual industry. Most are created by people from within the industry who are more segmented and focused on the audiovisual world.

The best selection sites to get media production jobs in the United States
The best selection sites to get media production jobs in the United States

Specialized Sites


You can apply for jobs, create a profile online, and browse companies that looking for positions in film, TV, music, and gaming. They have a website for the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, and Latin America.

Production HUB

If you are a producer you can find crew, vendors. If you looking for a job, you can find work for part-time, full time, or for specific projects. The basic profile starts the first 30-days free,
then $5.99 per month. Also, there are other plans for $69 per month or $139 per month

Entertainment Careers

You can filter by different locations, companies, and industries such as jobs in Film, Television, Sports & Music — Studios, Networks, Production Companies, Music, Film, TV, Radio, VFX, Animation, Acting, Production, Post Production, PR, Design, and more. For certain job searches, you need to have a membership that starts at $ 4.95 in the first month (normally $ 9.95)


Here you’ll find a variety of entertainment industry job opportunities, including the UTA job list and personal contacts from the author of the website. You can search for jobs in categories such as Executive & Management, Assistant Level, Personal Assistant, Non-LA Positions, General Office or Internships.

NYC Film Crew

Don’t be influenced by the name. They have job listing in New York City, but also, in LA, Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, New Jersey, and also outside the United States, like Canada and London.

Staff Me Up

This is one of the most popular sites to search for a film job. They offer a free version in which you can search for jobs and apply for them with five job applications per month, and a paid version that starts at $9/months, where they offer unlimited apply for jobs, cover letter, and you can see your status for each application.


This site is similar to Staff Me Up as for your services, but they are exclusive to film production. They offer a limited free version, and a paid version for $15 a month, which includes boosted applications, an enhanced profile, and trackable applications. They have a good mix of freelance and full-time job posts.

Media bistro

You can search for jobs with a specific function, such as creative & design, marketing & communications, operations & strategy, production, sales & business development, and Writing & Editing. But you can also filter by specialty level, location, duration, explorer type, and salary range.

Creative Cow

If you looking for a job in post-production, this site is good for jobs related to editing, animation, and VFX. They have jobs in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, or also work remotely



The job posts in LinkedIn tend to be full-time, more than freelance work. But more and more companies are using it, and the site is easy to use.

Recommendation: add your experience in your Linkedin profile to appear in the searches that recruiters do.

Simply Hired

Simply Hired isn’t just for media production jobs. They have a lot of job applications in the industry. If you are looking for a studio job, tv channel, or more freelance editing, you can find it in Simply Hired.


Great for applying to full-time positions.


They guide you with some questions to show you the best results of possible jobs. Their mission is “to empower people with the information and tools to achieve their career aspirations”. This is reflected in its website, which has a lot of information and tools for each career.


Although it may seem very crazy, there are jobs that you can find in Craiglist.


Current and former employees anonymously review companies. You can check the reviews and see job positions opens in those companies. Also, you can see estimated salaries for the jobs in a company you are looking for.

Zip Recruiter

Very similar to GlassDoor where you can see the review made by employees on organizations. They have more information than Glassdoor in companies related to tv channels and film studios.

For Freelancers


CrewsControl focuses on matching their clients with the best crew anywhere in the world, with a focus on getting the best video production camera crews in the business. They promise: “The Perfect Crew for Your Video Shoot: Every Time, Anywhere.”


Storyhunter differs from CrewsControl in that they’re open to all kinds of professionals in the industry, such as video editors, drone operators, audio producers, visual effects editors, photographers, and live streaming specialists.


This site was made by Studiobinder company, a media production management software. They allow freelancers to apply to unlimited jobs and set their availability when they are free for work. You can sign up to appear in crew listings and build your profile. There are even other premium plans with more features.

Flare Studio

On this site, companies can post briefs for the content they need to create and you can respond by uploading your work with the change to get paid. Flare Studio is based on competition, so you have to upload your completed work before you find out if you are selected.


Production Bulletin

This site is not directed for job searching, but Production Bulletin is a resource tool for production crews and vendors. For $39.95/month you can get access to the industry’s pre-production database and weekly breakdown of contact information to the decision-makers of major studios, independent film houses, BBC, Amazon, Netflix, network and cable television movies, pilots and series.


In ProductionWeekly, you can get access to projects in pre-production, preparation, and development, for major studios as well as independent films, network and cable television movies, pilots and series, both domestic and international.


The main function of the platform is to show your portfolio and apply for full-time and short-term creative jobs. Most importantly, companies can view your work and contact you directly. It is a good complimentary site with Linkedin, where you can add your experience, and in Behance show your results.

Adobe acquires Behance in 2012, so you can create a website with Adobe Portfolio and synchronize with Behance information.

I hope these sites to get media production jobs in the United States are served as much as it served me. If you have a suggestion about any additional site, be sure to tell me by the comments below.

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