👉 Data Marts in Power BI

Reduce the effort of ETL and empower the Citizen Analysts of your Fusion Teams to manage complex data integration on their own terms:

Supporting a large variety of data sources and aggregation, filtering functions

👉 Next-Gen Text AND Voice Bots

Build bots that serve any channel, any time — and add voice to the engagement:

👉 Azure Container Apps

The Techie in me of course loves anything that allows me to bring ideas to life all the while reducing burden of ramping up infrastructure et al that does not add any value per se. So, seeing this going generally available is great:

👉 Turn a sketch into a Power App

👉 Microsoft Power Pages

We have all built them one way or another, we have all seen all the possible issues with websites — from required security updates to deployment choices, integrating data and all it takes, eg building and exposing APIs which in itself offers plenty of things to take care of. It’s not as straight-forward as it may appear. Great to see Power Pages is taking away the pain, belonging to the rich Power Platform family!

In this session you’ll learn how to take advantage of the latest innovations in artificial intelligence




Using tech as utility to gain a business advantage is harder than it sounds. Let’s go for it.

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