Announcing sls-dev-tools v1.0.0!
Get immediate feedback and visibility on all your Lambdas

The new features released with version 1.0.0

  • Change region from within the tool
    You no longer need to restart the tool to change region. Instead, use tab to navigate to the map, and use the arrow keys to select a different region. Press enter to switch to that region, updating the resources displayed in the tool.
Seamlessly switch between multiple regions
  • Full support for custom event schemas
    Work on EventBridge Schema Registry support for the tool is now finished, supporting all custom registries and schemas created by you in the AWS console. Schemas with a large number of properties are no longer a problem, as you can use the left and right arrow keys to view pages of properties.
Use event schemas with any number of properties
  • Run the command without supplying arguments
    Running the tool is now as simple as running `sls-dev-tools` on the command line in your serverless project directory, as the tool extracts the stack name and region from your serverless.yml file. Alternatively you can run the tool from anywhere and supply the location of the directory using the -l option. The tool still works for other IaC such as the SAM framework.
  • More shortcuts to resource pages on the AWS console
    Similar to our shortcut for accessing a Lambda page, selecting an event bus and pressing ‘o’ will open up the resource page for that bus in the AWS console.

What’s next?

A highly requested feature is drift detection for each of your Lambdas, highlighting them in a different colour if your local code is different to the code deployed! We also want to continue expanding on the metrics and statistics for your Lambdas, so we’re working on a statistics modal that will go in-depth on a selected Lambda.

We are also actively looking for contributors and will be available to help you find good first issues, code review and assistance on developing out any new functionality.



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