Announcing sls-dev-tools v1.0.0!

Mansur Pasha
Apr 22, 2020 · 4 min read
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This week we’re extremely happy to announce that sls-dev-tools is officially in v1.0.0. The tool has come a really long way, providing statistics for all your Lambdas, allowing you to deploy them in a single keypress, having full support for the EventBridge Schema Registry, and a host of other shortcuts focusing on making the serverless development experience as smooth as possible.

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Get immediate feedback and visibility on all your Lambdas

For those who haven’t heard of it, sls-dev-tools aims at becoming the equivalent of Chrome Dev Tools for the Serverless World. Our goal is to provide the Serverless community with metrics, logs and feedback directly in the terminal, eliminating the need to constantly jump to the AWS Console.

We’re really excited to get feedback on the tool, find out where we can improve, and hear what else you want to see. We’re continuing to work on multiple highly requested features to make this the serverless development tool.

This week, sls-dev-tools finished integration with the EventBridge Schema Registry, added functionality to the map, allowing you to change region from within the tool, and running the command is now much simpler than before! Additionally, we’ve overhauled the documentation on our Github page so go check it out!

If you find this tool useful or have any feedback please get in touch via GitHub issues, Twitter, or our brand new Gitter page! If you like what you’re seeing a ⭐️ would go a long way!

Big thanks to Arto Liukkonen (@artoliukkonen) this week for our latest community contribution, allowing you to run the tool without providing the stack name or region. sls-dev-tools is an open-source project, and a large number of our features come directly from community suggestions, issues, and PR’s, so if there’s a feature or change you want to see in sls-dev-tools and you know how you want to do it, we’d love for you to submit a PR and feature you in our next article.

The new features released with version 1.0.0

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Seamlessly switch between multiple regions
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Use event schemas with any number of properties

What’s next?

A highly requested feature is drift detection for each of your Lambdas, highlighting them in a different colour if your local code is different to the code deployed! We also want to continue expanding on the metrics and statistics for your Lambdas, so we’re working on a statistics modal that will go in-depth on a selected Lambda.

We are also actively looking for contributors and will be available to help you find good first issues, code review and assistance on developing out any new functionality.

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