Announcing the Serverless-Transformation Rosetta Initiative — Multi-Language Content

The Serverless Blog, Newsletter and Podcast, as well as other open-source initiatives like sls-dev-tools & sls-test-tools, have always had the mission of sharing Serverless with as many people as possible.

Today we’re happy to announce a new initiative aiming to increase access to Serverless-Transformation content by releasing selected articles in multiple languages. These will typically be the higher level conceptual articles where translation makes the most impact.

Translations will be made by community members in different geographic regions. We’re very excited to have out first such translation released today, translating “EventBridge Storming — How to build state-of-the-art Event-Driven Serverless Architectures” into Portuguese, thanks to the translation efforts of our first Rosetta Project Regional Lead Evandro Pires da Silva.

From now on you will see additional tabs at the top of the Serverless-Transformation Publication, listing any additional languages currently supported in the Rosetta project.

We will be translating further articles, onboarding more regional leads and hopefully working towards multilingual releases as a default in the not to distant future.

As always, feedback is very welcome!



Tools, techniques, and case studies of using serverless to release fast and scale optimally.

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