Serverless service file Typescript definitions will never be outdated again!

Illustration for automated Typescript definitions generation

Since v1.72.0, the Serverless framework accepts serverless.ts as a valid service file in addition to the usual serverless.yml, serverless.json and serverless.js file formats.


A new repository is born this month in the Serverless organization. This repository, named serverless/typescript, hosts an automated pipeline generating Typescript definitions based on JSON schemas in core Serverless framework.

Automated Typescript definitions generation pipeline

A few simple steps to use those new definitions

  • installing the definitions npm i @serverless/typescript --save-dev
  • importing the definition in your serverless.ts file with import type { AWS } from '@serverless/typescript';
  • use this AWS type at the root of your service file export

The reason behind an automated pipeline

I wrote a detailed article explaining the benefits of using Typescript for IaC definition files. I strongly encouraged you to give it a go if you’d like to benefit from types, imports and references!

Until today, the only way to type Serverless service file with Typescript was to install the Serverless DefinitelyTyped package also known as @types/serverless. Once installed, this community maintained package exports a Serverless definition that can be used to type your serverless.ts service file configuration object. However, like all community maintained definitions in DefinitelyTyped, the quality of the definitions depends on the reactiveness and accuracy of the maintainers. Therefore, from times to times, these definitions might diverge from the actual accepted service file configurations, either being outdated or simply wrong. This defeats the purpose of having definitions to rely on to ensure service definition is formatted as expected.

Fortunately, Serverless internally uses JSON-schema and ajv to perform service file validation at the beginning of any Serverless CLI command. This validation helps massively by failing fast before a deployment, but Typescript types have the advantage of failing even faster, with direct feedback to the developer, in his IDE.

In order to tackle the issue of outdated DefinitelyTyped definitions, I implemented an automated pipeline to generate those Typescript definitions directly from the internally used JSON-schema of Serverless. This automated pipeline is triggered every time a new release of Serverless framework is available. The pipeline ends with the publishing of the newly generated definitions to NPM, ensuring they are always up to date and consistent with the framework internal validation logic.

The serverless/typescript repository is open-source and all contributions to improve the automatically generated definitions are welcome!



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Frédéric Barthelet

Frédéric Barthelet


AWS Community Builder. @serverless/typescript maintainer and Serverless framework contributor.