What’s new in sls-dev-tools? — 15/04

Mansur Pasha
Apr 15, 2020 · 3 min read


This week, sls-dev-tools adds support for the EventBridge Schema Registry, with the aim to reduce the amount of time you spend in the AWS console downloading event schemas, and get you straight to injecting events.

Additionally, we had another community contribution from Serkan Ozal from Thundra (@serkan_ozal) to show you your function runtimes! If there’s a feature or change you want to see in sls-dev-tools and you know how you want to do it, we’d love for you to submit a PR and feature you in our next article.

For those who haven’t heard of it, sls-dev-tools is an opensource project that aims at becoming the equivalent of Chrome Dev Tools for the Serverless World. Our goal is to provide the Serverless community with metrics, logs and feedback directly in the terminal, eliminating the need to constantly jump to the AWS Console.

If you find this tool useful or have any feedback please get in touch via GitHub issues or Twitter, and if you like what you’re seeing a ⭐️would go a long way!

The new features released with version 0.2.3

  • Access the Event Schema Registry from within the tool
    The tool now allows you to view your discovered EventBridge Registries and the schemas they contain. Select an EventBus and press “r” to open the Event Registry window.
View all your EventBridge registries
  • Enter Event properties using dynamically generated forms
    On selecting a registry and a schema, the tool extracts the properties and creates a form allowing you to edit each one individually. Submitting these values will take you to the Event Injection screen, with the Detail field populated for you.
Don’t worry about the JSON, we’ll fill everything in for you
  • View your function runtimes in the lambda functions pane
    The tool now shows you the runtime of your functions from the moment you start it. Thanks again to Serkan (@serkan_ozal) for this contribution!

What’s next?

After extending the Event Registry functionality to work for all event schemas, we’re turning our attention to providing more statistics for given lambda functions, and running test suites from inside the tool. Stay tuned!

We are also actively looking for contributors and will be available to help you find good first issues, code review and assistance on developing out any new functionality.


Docs: https://theodo-uk.github.io/sls-dev-tools/

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