What’s new on sls-dev-tools? — April

Mansur Pasha
Apr 7 · 3 min read
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We have a bunch of new features in our second post alpha iteration of sls-dev-tools, with the introduction of support for EventBridge Injection as well as stack & function deployment from inside the tool.

For those who haven’t heard of it, sls-dev-tools is an opensource project that aims at becoming the equivalent of Chrome Dev Tools for the Serverless World. Our goal is to provide the Serverless community with metrics, logs and feedback directly in the terminal, eliminating the need to constantly jump to the AWS Console.

The new features released with version 0.2.1

  • Deployment from within the tool
    A feature we’re really excited to announce is the ability to deploy lambdas from within the tool in a single keypress. You can select a function and press “d” to deploy it individually, or press “s” and deploy the whole stack. Additional commands can be passed to the deploy argument via the sls-dev-tools config.
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This feature is framework agnostic, working for the Serverless Framework and the SAM framework by passing the --sam option and adding any additional fields to the sls-dev-tools config.

  • EventBridge “Event injection”
    The tool now shows you a list of your EventBuses from EventBridge. Tabbing to the new EventBus section and selecting an Event Bus will allow you to press “i”, opening up a prefilled modal that lets you enter parameters for a custom event, and submit it to the bus, all from within the tool.
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  • Accessible help menu
    As the tool and functionality grows, so does this list of available commands!
    sls-dev-tools now allows you to view a list of all the keyboard shortcuts within the tool with a handy help modal by pressing “h”.
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What’s next?

The team is working on integrating the tool with the EventBridge Schema Registry to allow you to inject Events with ease.
In addition to this will be the ability to run your favourite test suites from inside the tool, and invoking lambdas in a single keypress. Stay tuned!

Your contribution is priceless

If you find this tool useful or have any feedback please get in touch via GitHub issues or Twitter.

And, if you like what you’re seeing a ⭐️would go a long way!


We are also actively looking for contributors and will be available to help you find good first issues, code review and assistance on developing out any new functionality.

Docs: https://theodo-uk.github.io/sls-dev-tools/

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